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Historic Restoration Project

Many high-end historic homes and buildings have plaster walls and ceilings. These surfaces have a unique charm and appeal, but if the plaster is damaged, has holes, cracks, sags and other blemishes, you need an expert to repair them with beautiful long-lasting results. Invent Horizon's Craftsmen is skilled and experienced in all kinds of plaster repair jobs, both large and small.

As the founder and member of Craftsmen Guild, Invent Horizon  is uniquely qualified to repair plaster walls and ceilings. We use proper techniques and premium materials to authentically restore your plaster surfaces. 


You can rely on Invent Horizon to refurbish your plaster walls and ceilings so that the signs of age and damage disappear, leaving that rich, smooth beauty you admire.

If your home or building  has any of the following conditions, Call Us Now! 860-806-0025 for a free evaluation and estimate:

  • Cracked plaster walls

  • Holes in the plaster walls

  • A sagging plaster ceiling

  • Patchy, uneven plaster surfaces


We know that home/building renovation projects can be a big task to undertake for our customers, so we want to make sure your experience with Invent Horizon is as stress-free as possible. We make things easier with an industry leading one year satisfaction guarantee on all of our recommended applications. which ensures that you’ll be happy with your finished project.


Our seasoned Project Managers will work with you and your allotted budget, When you choose to work with Invent Horizon, you gain a team of contractors who are committed to helping give you the home of your dreams.

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