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10 Hot Interior Design Trends

Over the course of the last few years, the time most of us spent locked indoors naturally made us turn our attention to living spaces more keenly. Most of us started seeking out designs that fit our lifestyles and reflect our personalities and rightfully so. After all, our home should be an oasis, a sacred place to relax and recharge. Here are 10 hot trendy CT home interior design ideas for 2022.

pink occasional modern chair

Curved Furniture Silhouettes

Sharp lines and symmetrical aesthetics of mid-century modern will always be a go-to, but as society, thought, and art progresses, we are seeing soft furniture silhouettes emerging with curvy edges and feminine shapes.

According to Linda Hayslett of LH.Designed, 2022 will focus on furniture being functional and beautiful pieces of artwork. Linda describes modern furniture with "softer curves that show off like a beautiful naked back." She uses this vivid imagery to paint a picture of the elegance and purity that curved furniture possesses. Curves are feminine and forgiving, giving rooms a cozy and safe vibe. CT Home interior designs will feature comfortable, fun, striking, and thought-provoking pieces that make spaces exciting and memorable.

modern kitchen

Decorative Cabinetry

Shaker style cabinets are a classic in many CT home remodeling projects and for good reason. This style leads to simple yet beautiful clean lines. Even with the positives of shaker style cabinetry, CT designers predict that different profiles in 2022 will add even more personality to powder rooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. Look for beveled cabinets to make waves in 2022.

smart home

Interior Design Trends: Sustainable Practices

With 2022 came a consciousness of taking care of our health as well as the lovely planet that we share...with 7 billion other humans. CT Interior design also reflects this consciousness with trendy and responsibly-manufactured products. Consumers are looking to adopt more innovative products designed from the start with sustainability in mind. The future of CT interior design includes green technology in homes, from smart thermostats to bold, colorful, and sustainable materials and rightfully so.

fabric swatches

Loads of Texture

You can make the most basic neutral palettes feel layered and exceptional with various textures. Interior designers are keeping with time and mastering the mix of multiple textures and palettes. Try mixing soft velvets with woven furniture, boucle fabrics, my absolute favorite and sisal carpets to add a little warmth to your space.

modern living room

CT Parisian-Inspired Interiors

Travel restrictions may hinder some from scratching that Jetsetter itch, but not yours! You can feel like you're in France right here in Connecticut without leaving your home with trendy, modern Parisian-inspired designs. Translucent materials like colored glass and iridescent crystals can create a glowing effect in homes with plenty of natural light. Add brilliance to any space and create a warm, dreamy atmosphere typical of Parisian culture.

tropical foyer

Inspiring Foyers

A Fun Foyer can be the focal point of your home's first impression. It is the first room your guests see as they enter your home. Don't be afraid to spruce yours up! CT Interior Designers foresee foyers and mudrooms on the receiving end with lots of tender love and care in 2022. You can lay a vintage woven rug, some artwork you’ve gathered from your trips abroad and creatively place some books and baskets in the foyer to add to your home's welcoming vibe.

home bar

Inviting Home Bars

In the past 2 years, our CT homes have morphed between home offices, schoolrooms, fine dining establishments, and entertainment zones. What could be missing here? Well, Home bars of course. This is a great way to entertain close friends and family as well as showcase those limited edition spirits you’ve accumulated over the years. Some CT interior designers aren't too mad about this 2022 trend for sure.

nature home


Nature is a wealth of inspiration for CT home renovation projects, and over the past year, look for the trend to last well into 2023. 2022 will be the year of muted nature colors like bark browns, leafy greens, sky and ocean blues, cloudy whites, sandy beiges. Some designers and CT architects like to incorporate these elements both inside and outside their CT remodeling projects.

eames chair

Vintage And Reclaimed

Supply-chain issues forced consumers to get more creative. vintage shopping has become more popular, especially when it comes to furniture and larger accessories. Expect to see vintage and antique furniture rise in popularity even more in the coming year. I am a huge fan of mixing quality vintage pieces with modern elements in our designs. What a great way to pay homage to the past. Many CT homeowners focus their money and attention on making these new-to-them pieces feel like their own.

meditation room

Closed Floor Plans

Pick your favorite renovation tv show, and you're sure to see more than a few sledgehammers flying through walls, creating open floor plans using these interior design trends. The quest for a spacious, open home (without lining up in a three-point stance and pile driving exposed studs) is slowly giving way to more sequestered living. There is nothing like an intimate seating area for your guests or a serene meditation room or office.

Which of these 2022 trends will you incorporate in your CT home this year? Any you've already got? Tell us in the comments below!


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