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The Dos and Don'ts of Renovating Your CT Kitchen

Are you planning a CT kitchen renovation project? Before diving into remodeling, consider these tips to make the process smoother.

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Renovating Your Ct Kitchen: Don't Waste Space

Create a compact step-saving work core, even if you have a big kitchen. Nobody likes walking a mile to make a meal or, even worse, creating dead, unusable space in the kitchen. Pick an area in your CT home that works during dining, family time, and meal prep. For instance, a breakfast nook is perfect for adding style without sacrificing many steps.

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Don't Make the Aisles Too Tight

Please don't mistake thinking too narrow when it comes to your kitchen aisles. The aisles must be spacious enough to accommodate all that goes on in your kitchen.

You need enough space for your home chef and other family members or guests to walk through easily, in essence, people need to be able to maneuver, and wiggle around. When renovating your new kitchen in CT, make sure all aisles between islands, walls, and appliances are 42 and 48 inches wide. Also, consider offsetting the placement of critical features, such as sinks and the range, so two cooks don't bump into one another.

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Do Think Three Dimensional

You've got priorities. One of those priorities is an immaculately stunning kitchen. But don't forsake the functional for the beautiful. Plan the space with the direction of doors and size, cabinets, and appliances in mind. Refrigerators and ovens will need ample space for clearance. Walk through the room and envision where the door openings are in reference to everything else to ensure that you don't create a kitchen that's a bit too intimate for your taste.

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Don't Overwhelm a Small Space

A small peninsula often works better in a cozier kitchen. Keep every square foot in mind to ensure the best CT home remodel possible for your kitchen. Don't overwhelm a small space. There are plenty of options available of various sizes and layouts.


Photo byRyno Marais

Avoid Making Changes After the Work Begins

Getting all your ducks in a row before you begin your CT kitchen remodel helps avoid pesky delays. Potential changes midstream can send costs soaring and your budget spiraling out of control. The old carpenter's adage is worth repeating "Measure twice, cut once." The same can be said about your kitchen remodel. Do your homework and seriously consider every choice well before acting upon it.

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Do Plan Enough Storage Space

You can't just string up boxes across the ceiling. Well, you can string boxes, but you really shouldn't. There are many storage options available for open storage, cabinets, shelves, and more. Remember your goals for the remodel. Keep the contents streamlined and unfussy, and choose glass door cabinets if you are going for a sleek look.

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Think of Your Guests

No matter the size of your kitchen, plan for your family and friends to gather there. People are drawn to each other, and your guests will want to be hanging out in the kitchen with you while you're prepping for dinner. People like to be about 60 inches from the cook or host. Make sure you plan for an interactive space like a corner nook, island with seating, or a banquette in your new CT kitchen

Steer clear of these popular miscues while renovating your kitchen, and be ready to enjoy late nights and early mornings in your new and improved CT kitchen!


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